Custom Logo Design

Please understand design service is not a tangible product but a time commitment by our designers. Once your order is placed the design department will start the designing process. Due to high demand of custom logos it may take 2-3 business for the customer to receive the first proof.  After you receive your proof  You get up to two changes free with your design purchase . Any additional changes will be subjected to additional cost. Design charges are non-refundable.

*Please consider any delays due to revisions, in regards to your project deadline

Logo design is the process of arranging symbols, images, text and color to create a unique mark that communicates the essence of your brand. A greatbusiness logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity. ... A greatlogo helps customers understand what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.


 When checking out in the (ORDER NOTES) BOX

 #1. Describe in full detail your idea for your new logo or send examples.           #2. Do you have any color preferences or existing brand colors?

 #3. Do you have any fonts the designer should consider?
 #4 .Do you have a slogan, tagline, or motto? Does it need to be incorporated in the logo?